Smart Parking Technologies

WiseMoving offers numerous smart parking solutions that can be utilized individually or together to meet the unique needs of any parking space, loading zone, or curb management operation. WiseMoving’s suite of software enables us to provide a transparent, customer accessible, data-driven solution to provide owners and operators with a customized summary of valuable information, enhancing their operation and meeting the needs of their customers and communities. Our smart parking solutions include:

In-Ground Vehicle Detection Sensors

Our in-ground vehicle detection sensors detect the presence of parked vehicles. This technology allows operators to provide drivers with real-time parking availability information. They also provide operators with parking compliance data directly to handheld devices, parking guidance systems, and smartphone applications. These solutions can be implemented in both on- and off-street operations. 


Overhead Indicator Sensors

WiseMoving’s overhead indicator sensors optimize maximum use of available spaces and helps to improve traffic flow. Our sensors detect the presence of a vehicle within each parking space, which then link to an overhead indicator.

These overhead indicators utilize high visibility LED green or red lights to indicate real-time parking availability to drivers in structured parking facilities or surface lots. These systems can integrate with existing or planned vehicle counting solutions, fixed and mobile automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) solutions, valet management solutions, and parking guidance systems.

WiseMoving Driver’s App

The WiseMoving Driver’s App harnesses the power of the WiseMoving Cloud Platform to show real-time location and guidance information from each site our sensors and devices are installed in. The app also includes an optional payment function, with handy, interactive features that alert people when their paid time is running low, allowing them to top up remotely. If your requirements include an app tailored to your site and brand, we can then work with you to customize the guidance and payment app for your individual specifications. Our app will seamlessly integrate with any existing mobile payment application.


Video Analytics

WiseMoving uses computer vision and deep learning algorithms to determine parking occupancy and duration. Our video analytics solution utilizes image feeds to enable smart parking services including monitoring parking availability, integrate with mobile payment and reservation apps, and generate data for planning and enforcement efforts.